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Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Hospitalists

Many hospitalists are incorporating point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) into their daily practice to answer specific diagnostic questions or guide performance of invasive bedside procedures. SHM is at the forefront of how hospitalists are using POCUS and is here to help guide hospitalists by leading the conversation and driving POCUS integration into hospital medicine. To accomplish this, we have created position statements on use of POCUS in hospital medicine. We also offer unique training opportunities geared toward hospitalists - including live and online training - and a comprehensive certificate of completion program.

Leading the Conversation

SHM has published several position statements with evidence-based recommendations on the use of POCUS for diagnosis and bedside procedures that are open access online. The most referenced position statement, Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Hospitalists: A Position Statement of the Society of Hospital Medicine, is intended to inform a broad audience about how hospitalists are using diagnostic and procedural applications of POCUS. This position statement provides guidance on the safe and effective use of POCUS by hospitalists and for the administrators who oversee its use.

Position statements have been published on the use of POCUS for common bedside procedures, including thoracentesis, paracentesis, vascular access, and lumbar puncture. Visit the Journal of Hospital Medicine website to read more.

Training Our Hospitalists

SHM is leading the way by providing educational resources and pathways for hospitalists to increase their point-of-care ultrasound knowledge and skills.

Certificate of Completion: Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Bedside ultrasound can dramatically improve safety of bedside procedures performed by hospitalists, but hospitals want to ensure that clinicians have the appropriate training and skills to use these machines safely and effectively. By earning this Certificate, hospitalists can attest they have completed significant live and online training, passed a summative knowledge and skills assessment, and are qualified in obtaining and interpreting POCUS images.

Developed in partnership with the American College of Chest Physicians, hospitalist and critical care leaders in point-of-care ultrasonography designed this certificate pathway specifically for the hospitalist’s scope of practice. The main components to earn the certificate are:

  • Attend the Ultrasonography: Essentials in Critical Care course at the American College of Chest Physicians headquarters
  • Complete one of the online learning modules titled: Principles of Point-of-Care Ultrasound by SHM or Bedside Ultrasound in Critical Care by CAE Healthcare
  • Attend one of several approved regional courses
  • Complete an online image portfolio
  • Pass a comprehensive skills and knowledge assessment
Hospitalists can enroll in the certificate pathway or simply take individual courses.

Learn More

Live Training

SHM Live Courses

We periodically offer live, in-person ultrasound training courses for hospital medicine professionals.

POCUS Sessions at SHM's Annual Conference

See SHM Converge 2022 Conference Schedule

SHM-Approved Courses

We partner with other organizations or endorse high-quality courses, classes or content that we believe would be beneficial for hospitalists. Browse our current recommendations:

Browse a listing of approved multi-day POCUS courses

Ultrasonography: Essentials in Critical Care Courses, presented by the American College of Chest Physicians

Critical Care Ultrasound: Integration Into Clinical, presented by the American College of Chest Physicians

Online Training

SHM Learning Portal Modules
We provide online courses on our e-learning platform, the SHM Learning Portal. Learn on any device, at your own pace. Browse our current offerings:

Principles of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (10-part series)

Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Clinical Cases and Image Interpretation Practice Questions

Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Clinical Cases and Image Interpretation Practice Questions - Set 2


POCUS Special Interest Group

Hospitalists interested in POCUS are invited to join the SHM POCUS Special Interest Group (SIG) to network with members who are POCUS enthusiasts, ranging from new learners to seasoned faculty. The POCUS SIG holds online educational activities throughout the year and meets annually at SHM's Annual Conference. Engage with colleagues about POCUS innovations, training, credentialing, new devices and much more.

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